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Water absorbs into brick and natural stone like a sponge. This becomes worse over time due to the mortar between the brick or rock becoming more porous as well as voids that are often created with weathering. Most people don’t realize that the mortar and the brick itself deteriorate from the constant rain water exposure. The water slowly carries away the sand, lime and alkali that makes up the mortar.

Sealing and waterproofing the brick on a building’s exterior improves its value by extending the life and beauty of the masonry work, especially in a wet climate. Proper sealing also reduces the grittiness common on interior brick floors and outdoor paved areas.

Brick sealer water repellents are designed to penetrate deeply into the brick and mortar. Some can reach as far as 3/8 inch past the surface of the brick. They coat the insides of the tiny passageways in the brick and mortar. However, the passageways remain open allowing the brick and mortar to breathe.

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