Concrete Block (CMU) Waterproofing

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A leaking concrete block/cinder block foundation is a challenging reality for many owners of buildings built between 1920 and 1980. You can easily tell if a concrete block foundation leaks just by observing the presence or absence of staining on the blocks.

Over time, soil and water pressure exerted against the foundation causes the mortar to break down and wear away.  Consequently, water seeps through the exterior mortar joints and into the hollows of the block.  The water trapped inside the block eventually leads to foundation seepage.  It should be noted concrete block is porous by nature.  It easily absorbs moisture, which can contribute to mold problems.

CMU or concrete block is a common building material. However, the pore structure and permeability of these blocks vary greatly depending on the raw materials used, mix design, manufacturing process and many other factors.

Our waterproofing experts are ready to help and can solve your concrete block leakage issues quickly and economically.